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Ex-NBA guard Delonte West appears to be in poor condition in viral photo

Delonte West

Former NBA player Delonte West doesn’t seem to be enjoying retirement pretty well. A viral photo of him looking like he’s broke and homeless has made its rounds on social media.

West, who was drafted 24th overall in 2004, spent eight seasons in the NBA. According to HoopsHype, he earned around $16.5 million during his brief playing career. Several outlets have reported that he is now homeless, although those are pure speculations at this point.

This isn’t the first time that reports about West being in poor condition came out. In 2016, West was seen in a Maryland suburb supposedly begging for money on the side of the street. However, he denied those speculations back then, saying that he was just helping a paralyzed man.

There have also been reports that West has been diagnosed with a mental health disorder dating back to his time with the Cleveland Cavaliers, something that he also denied on multiple occasions.

West was actually an above-average NBA player during his prime. He averaged 9.7 points and 3.6 assists during his career, and he was an integral part of the Cavs roster from 2008 to 2010 although they didn’t win a championship.

It’s unknown how West is really doing, but based on his photo, it seems something is wrong and he’s in a really bad place right now. Hopefully, his NBA peers and former teammates can check on him and help if he needs it.