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Dwyane Wade admits ‘shock’ when Magic Johnson mentioned him during resignation

Dwyane Wade, Magic Johnson

When Magic Johnson stepped down as the Los Angeles Lakers’ President of Basketball Operations, one of the things that he mentioned was that he was unable to watch Dwyane Wade’s final game because of his job.

LA Times’ Arash Markazi asked Wade about his thoughts about the fact that Magic mentioned him during the impromptu resignation, and the three-time champion said he was shocked and honored.

“I was shocked when he mentioned me when he resigned. Magic lives an amazing life. I just got done seeing him in St. Tropez, as he’s celebrating his 60th birthday. He wanted to get back to that life. I was just appreciative that I was someone that he thought of and how he wanted to get a chance to see me play or to reach out before my last game. I wish he could have been there, but it was cool that he said that.”

Magic has been supportive of the NBA’s current superstars and he was obviously a fan and a good friend of Wade’s. Johnson wanted to get back to the life of just having fun and doing everything in his own time, which is why he had to let go of the Lakers’ top executive position.

Still, isn’t it weird that two years ago, Magic said he was willing to set aside everything in order to help the Lakers build a championship-contending team? Then all of a sudden he told the media that the rest of the Lakers execs knew that he can’t commit 100 percent to his job?

Regardless of everything that happened, Johnson reiterated that he still has a good relationship with Lakers’ controlling owner Jeanie Buss.

Dwyane Wade, on the other hand, is also currently living his best life while trotting about the realm of retirement.

So, everything’s good.