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Gilbert Arenas, Nick Young go off on each other on IG

Gilbert Arenas, Nick Young

Former NBA stars Gilbert Arenas and Nick Young are at it on social media—again. Though these two former teammates have a special friendship, it’s always very entertaining to see them jaw at each other online.

The latest episode of their friendly feud started over the weekend after the boxing match between Nate Robinson and Jake Paul. The former three-time NBA Slam Dunk champion got knocked out by Paul in the second round and Arenas took it upon himself to put out some encouraging words for his former colleague, motivating him to bounce back stronger.

This is where things got heated.

In his post, Young roasted Arenas and reminded him about his infamous encounter with a young LeBron James in the first round of the 2006 NBA Playoffs.

“After Bron tap yo chest and made you miss them 2 free throws, we been waiting for you to bounce back lol.”

Arenas, then playing for the Washington Wizards, missed two free throws in overtime in Game 6, allowing the Cleveland Cavaliers to escape with the win and clinch the series.

But being the “No Chill Gil” that he is, Arenas again went on his Instagram to call out Young.

“How about I bounce back and give you these hands?? Everyone things u soft anyway after I tossed @lilswaggy1 bike cross the field and u just stood there. Does the P in swaggy stand for “poos*y”?

Arenas is referring to the time where he visited Young’s house and made his son cry after he literally threw his bike. This also wasn’t the first time Agent Zero trolled Young’s kids.

Can someone set up a 1-on-1 between these two already?