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Jalen Green’s bold NBA Draft message will annoy the hell out of Cade Cunningham

Jalen Green, Cade Cunningham, Pistons

Jalen Green puts out an important statement ahead of the 2021 NBA Draft that might leave Cade Cunningham, as well as Detroit Pistons, fans confused. A day before they officially enter the NBA, the-19-year old declares that his goal is to land at number one, no matter how a lot of people are already taking Cunningham as the Pistons’ first overall pick.

“Number one pick, that would be a dream come true. I ain’t going to lie. That happens, I’m going to have a breakdown,” Green told Tyler Tynes of GQ. “I want to live in Detroit,”

The NBA G League Ignite standout is expected to be picked at the second spot, behind the Oklahoma State alum. Currently, it’s the Houston Rockets picking second after the Pistons, barring any last-minute deals that may switch things up a bit.

Naturally, Green isn’t listening to all the noise. Not to diss the potential first overall pick in Cunningham, the objective for Green is and has been quite clear for years now. And that is to be this year’s first overall pick.

“I want my respect,” Green adds. “As a person and a basketball player. What comes with this is that people don’t know what you’ve got to sacrifice and go through. Especially when you’re in a small city and basketball takes you down this road and everyone’s still in that small city. It’s personal. A lot of people talk about you on the side. It can get back to your family and everything. And they don’t know what you’ve been through, by yourself, while you’re on that journey.”

Though it’s still unclear right now where Jalen Green will be headed come draft day, one thing is for sure – this kid is about to make himself known to the entire world.