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Kings let go of broadcaster Grant Napear

Kings, Grant Napear

The Sacramento Kings have reportedly let go of broadcaster Grant Napear, according to Jason Jones of The Athletic.

Moreover, according to Napear’s radio station, they have also parted ways with the longtime sports personality following his rather insensitive and racist comments.

Napear, a longtime television play-by-play commentator for the Kings, was under fire in the past couple of day for his inappropriate comments regarding the Black Lives Matter movement.

After former Kings All-Star center DeMarcus Cousins asked Napear on Twitter his thoughts on the social justice movement, the now-dismissed broadcaster replied with “All lives matter” — a controversial response made by individuals unable to grasp the meaning behind the nouveaux civil-rights movement.

Cousins and another former Kings player, Matt Barnes, responded on social media that they were not surprised by Napear’s words, with Barnes calling him a “closet racist.” Retired NBA All-Star power forward Chris Webber saw the exchange between Napear and Cousins, telling the free agent center “The team knows [who Grant is] as well.”

Napear later apologized for his unawareness and revealing message about preventing mass incarceration, racial profiling and unaccountable death at the hands of police (most recently like George Floyd’s murder in Minneapolis). Napear called himself “uneducated” on the issue, specifically not understanding why “All lives matter” is a taboo response to Black Lives Matter.

“I’m not as educated on BLM as I thought I was,” the former Kings’ TV analyst said in a phone call, via Marcos Breton of The Sacramento Bee. “I had no idea that when I said ‘All Lives Matter’ that it was counter to what BLM was trying to get across.

“I’m in pain. I’m 60 years old and I still have a lot learn.”

Whether educated or not about the subject, Napear’s insensitive remark cost him his longtime broadcasting gig with the Kings.