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Lamar Odom describes Dancing With the Stars rehearsals as harder than NBA practices


Ex-NBA player Lamar Odom is set to participate in the upcoming season of ‘Dancing with the Stars,’ where he described the rehearsals as more difficult than NBA practices, per US Magazine’s Jessica Vaco-Bolanos.

Odom is once again trying to turn his life around after yet another setback. He was recently deactivated by the Big3 after it was found out that he was out of shape. The two-time NBA champion has expressed his interest to continue playing professional basketball, and one of his ways to stay in shape is by joining DWTS.

The 39-year-old said that he has given up porn and candy as he hopes to get another shot at either the NBA or the Big3. He’s also open to playing overseas, particularly in the Philippines, if he won’t be able to get an opportunity in the US.

Odom is obviously trying to make up for his mistakes in the past, and while it is unclear if he will ever get a shot in the NBA or the Big3, the good thing is he’s doing the right things. He has hit rock-bottom before and he understands that it won’t be easy to recover from that, but Odom seems to be very determined to prove not only that he can still play, but also be good.

Maybe Odom’s stint with Dancing with the Stars is the start of better things for him, and at this point, we could only wish him nothing but the best. Hopefully, he gets everything right this time around.