NBA news: Technical fouls Warriors' Kevin Durant, JaMychal Green
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Report: NBA rescinds technical fouls on Warriors’ Kevin Durant, Clippers’ JaMychal Green

Kevin Durant, JaMychal Green

The NBA league office has decided to rescind the technical fouls assessed to Golden State Warriors forward Kevin Durant and L.A. Clippers big man JaMychal Green at the 8:39 mark of the third quarter of Friday’s game.

The two were whistled for double technicals after having some friendly, competitive banter as they ran back to the other of the court.

“Me and JaMychal Green we were conversing about the play before,” Durant said of his interaction with Green. “Like you and me (right now), then someone came out of nowhere and tech’d us both. How would you see it?

That was pretty quick, I hope they rescind that one ’cause I don’t want anybody to think somebody is in my head and that’s why I got that tech.”

That was one of the many calls that have left a lot to desire throughout this series, as the officials try to keep control and police a playoff series that has already proven to be plenty chippy (and chirpy) throughout the course of three games.

If left un-rescinded, this would have been Durant’s third technical foul in as many games, which left him four more before the league issues a one-game suspension.

Durant received both of his previous techs in Game 1, causing his ejection along with Patrick Beverley.

Beverley did receive his third tech of the series in Game 3 after hacking Stephen Curry across the arm after the whistle, which was viewed as unsportsmanlike contact.