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Magic Johnson gets roasted for hanging out with James Harden, Samuel L. Jackson

Magic Johnson, James Harden, Lakers, Nets

Magic Johnson will forever be one of the greatest players in NBA history. His place in league lore will always be celebrated and respected.

The same, however, couldn’t be said when it comes to Magic’s social media presence. Case in point: His recent Twitter post showing him hanging out with Brooklyn Nets star James Harden and Hollywood star Samuel L. Jackson in Monte Carlo.

While the photo looks quite cool, with three legends all chummy-chummy and flashing wide grins, Magic still got absolutely roasted on Twitter.

Some mocked Magic for his propensity to make overly obvious remarks.

Of course, a Pulp Fiction reference was made. After all, it’s one of Jackson’s most memorable movies. Harden should’ve been edited on John Travolta’s face though.

Others pointed out that Magic might be making clandestine deals for his beloved Los Angeles Lakers again by trying to lure Harden.

To recall, Magic, then the president of basketball operations of the Lakers, was fined $50,000 by the NBA in 2018 for praising Milwaukee Bucks star Giannis Antetokounmpo. Many also believe the three-time MVP was highly instrumental in luring LeBron James to the Purple & Gold.

The fact that he called Harden an entrepreneur could also create conspiracy theories since Magic is one of the most successful entrepreneurs out there.

But of course, Harden didn’t escape the roasting, especially since he just recently got into trouble with Lil Baby at the Paris Fashion Week.

With the NBA Finals having a day off, Magic Johnson’s unexpected rendezvous with James Harden and Samuel L. Jackson is the content we need. Or not.