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NBA 2K20 will feature the ninja headband fashion trend of last season

Jimmy Butler

The ninja-style headband was a fashion trend that took the NBA by storm last season, and the creators of NBA 2K20 did not fall behind in adding that to the popular video game.

New Orleans Pelicans guard Jrue Holiday was among the first players to wear it, along with Montrezl Harrell of the LA Clippers and De’Aaron Fox of the Sacramento Kings, soon followed by other popular names like former Philadelphia 76ers star Jimmy Butler (and Ben Simmons), Brooklyn Nets center Jarrett Allen and Los Angeles Lakers center JaVale McGee, among others.

This is only one of a few of the minor touch-ups coming from the most recent Zion Williamson NBA 2K20 trailer, along with the appearance of female referees, a notable change in Lonzo Ball’s shoes (went from the nonexistent Big Baller Brand to the Nike Kobe AD signature line, the same he wore in Summer League two years ago).

Other changes include more emphatic celebrations, flashy contact dunks, players wearing different clothes on the bench (no longer uniform), improved steal mechanics, along with updates to players’ haircuts, as usual.

NBA 2K has always been atop the game when it comes to keeping the game fresh, and it seems they’ve done their homework capturing the latest changes and fads to keep NBA 2K20 as close to reality as technologically possible.

A new NBA 2K20 gameplay trailer was also just released on Thursday.