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r/NBA is the 2nd most active subreddit on Reddit


With the Internet and social media becoming a one-stop shop source of information, the NBA has widened its reach and Reddit is a witness to it.

Reddit is one of the most visited websites on the Internet through its platform of providing users the freedom to discuss and share about almost anything they think of. Users have found the site very helpful and entertaining. Interestingly, the NBA has been included in the list of the most discussed subreddits, ranking at second behind AskReddit.

To no surprise at all, AskReddit placed first in the most active list. It is followed by discussions about the NBA, which topped trending topics in soccer, news, world news, and politics. This should mean that the league has reached a vast number of an audience far and wide in every corner of the world, a far cry from when the league started in 1946.

Since then, more and more international players have entered the league. In the 2016 NBA Draft, Aussie Ben Simmons led the 15 international players drafted in the first round. Numerous players born outside the U.S. have had successful careers in the league. Among the most notable are Yao Ming of China, Hakeem Olajuwon of Nigeria, Germany’s Dirk Nowitzki, Spain’s Pau Gasol and Frenchman Tony Parker.

ESPN’s Kevin Wang chimed in on how the NBA’s international reach has influenced the 2017 Finals:

“The growth of the NBA Finals into a global event was evidenced by the vast international media representation at the Finals, which included 265 journalists from 35 countries.”

Just recently, the league went to Africa where international NBA stars played an exhibition game to the delight of African fans. Indeed, the league’s efforts to promote the beauty of basketball in every corner of the world has been paying big dividends.