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Song that LeBron James, Kevin Durant recorded during 2011 lockout has been released

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The infamous track that two of the game’s best players recorded together is finally out, as “It Ain’t Easy” — the song LeBron James and Kevin Durant recorded in Cleveland during the 2011 NBA lockout was made available through Canton local producer Franky Wahoo (h/t Sports Illustrated).

Boredom does things to people, and evidently even to NBA stars like King James and KD, who turned to a less-fortunate side of their gifts — rapping.

KD gets a semi-decent crack at this rapping bit, as he’s hinted of his desire to appear on tracks before, and actually drops a few witty lines throughout the song like referencing former NBA point guard Jamaal Tinsley and giving his partner James a good nod with “I feel like the world is Skip Bayless and I’m LeBron James.”

James rapping about his strength just makes him seem much less strong than he actually is, as his first verse (starts at 1:37) does little to build to his legacy.

“It ain’t easy, put the world on my back ’cause I’m that strong

Long journey I’ve been on since the day we started

No way I die off with this iron heart

No chance to make it out, that’s what they said

But look at me, I’m here, boss of the spread

From 602 to 747s

I miss you grandma Freda

R.I.P. in heaven.”

Lebron James and Kevin Durant would bury memories of this track, which was reportedly used in the the latter’s film Thunderous in 2012, after meeting in the 2012 NBA Finals, which resulted in James’ first NBA championship as a member of the Miami Heat.

Thankfully, the possibilities of another NBA lockout are relatively minor, saving us from another rap disaster from the game’s best players.