Former three-year Syracuse Orange walk-on guard and NBA trainer Rob McClanaghan was arrested Friday morning on charges of rape and drugging for intercourse, according to a Sunday report from and a Saturday press release from the Boston Police Department.

The incident, which occurred in Downtown Boston, led to Rob McClanaghan's arrest in East Greenwich, Rhode Island on Friday after a warrant was issued for his arrest by the Boston Municipal Court the day before, according to a report from Rhode Island's WCVB5. McClanaghan was transported by the Boston Police Department's Fugitive Unit and the Warwick, Rhode Island Police Department for booking at its department facility.

The statement did not go into further detail about the incident.

He will be arraigned at the Third District Court in Kent County, Rhode Island on Monday, where he will be charged as a Fugitive from Justice, or “a person who has fled from any state, territory, the District of Columbia, or possession of the United States to avoid prosecution for a crime of violence or to avoid giving testimony in any criminal proceeding.”

“The Boston Police Department advises the public of the dangerousness of scentless, colorless, and tasteless drugs such as Rohypnol, also known as roofie, being placed in the drinks of unsuspecting victims,” the BPD release said on Saturday. “Other drugs commonly used in a similar fashion are GHB (gamma-hydroxybutyric acid) or Ketamine.

“These drugs and substances can cause disorientation, confusion, temporary paralysis, or unconsciousness, along with a host of other symptoms, leaving the potential victim vulnerable to the intentions of the suspect.”

Rob McClanaghan, a backup for Syracuse from 1998 to 2001, trained eight of the top 15 picks in the 2008 NBA draft, he wrote in a late-2021 Player's Tribute article. He worked with NBA superstars in Los Angeles Lakers forward LeBron James, Golden State Warriors guard Stephen Curry and Brooklyn Nets forward Kevin Durant.