The 2023 NBA Draft featured the most hyped prospect since LeBron James in 7-foot-5 French sensation Victor Wembanyama, and people tuned in to see this generational prospect. Thursday night had more NBA draft viewers for video and NBA social than any other draft, but it was in a specific way that shows how popular Wembanyama is.

On Monday, the league announced on Twitter that the 2023 NBA Draft presented by State Farm has set a record for the most NBA draft viewers on NBA social and the league's app with 128 million video views.

NBA communications also shared that Wembanyama alone generated 38 million video views, the most among all 2023 draftees and that the league’s Instagram account generated more video views on the day of the draft than any other account on the social media platform.

Other reports claim that more NBA draft viewers than ever took in the proceedings on the traditional television broadcast as well.

“The 2023 edition of the #NBADraft was the most-watched ever, across any network, according to Nielsen,” according to ESPN executive Ben Cafardo. “The first round of last night's broadcast (ESPN and ABC) averaged 4,928,000 viewers and peaked with 6,085,000 viewers in the 8 p.m. ET quarter hour.”

The TV numbers speak to the drawing power of Victor Wembanyama, as the rest of the top of the draft was filled with lesser-known foreign (Bilal Coulibaly), G League Ignite (Scoot Henderson), and Overtime Elite (Amen and Ausar Thompson) players.

As far as the social and online video numbers, it’s hard to imagine an American player pulling in quite that amount of interest. As a European player, though, Wembanyama generates more interest around the globe, which surely helped the draft’s online video viewership numbers.