The Portland Trail Blazers want to move Damian Lillard before training camp opens on October 2nd. As they canvas the league for potential suitors and take calls from teams with a real interest in adding the eight-time All-Star, though, general manager Joe Cronin and the Blazers' front office are apparently โ€œrefusingโ€ to engage the Miami Heat.

โ€œLet's remember this: Portland is refusing to talk to Miami,โ€ Chris Haynes of Bleacher Report said Friday on D-Lo and KC. โ€œMiami understands that they don't have the assets, but they wanna know, โ€˜Hey, Portland, we'll involve a third or a fourth team. But communicate with us and let us know what you are looking for.' It hasn't got to that stage.โ€

Rumors regarding Lillard's trade status have been running rampant in the last 48 hours, with some reports suggesting the Heat may not be pressing to trade with Portlandย after all. There's always a motive at play when team decision-makers and agents reveal intel to league insiders on background, though. The Heat could still be clear frontrunners to land Lillard.

But no reporter has a more direct line to the situation than Haynes, a personal friend of Lillard's who's been his closest media confidante for years. It's always prudent to take all anonymously sourced reporting with a grain of salt. Though Haynes certainly isn't immune from muddying public waters intentionally or otherwise, his reporting on Lillard specifically certainly seems more trustworthy than others'.

It's not like the notion that Portland has shut down talks with Miami is especially surprising, either. The Blazers have been blanching at the Heat's proposals for month, and a three or four-team trade involving Lillard always appeared likely. Whether Portland ultimately takes calls from Pat Riley and company or Cronin picks up the phone to ring the Heat himself, though, depends mostly on just how serious other teams are about acquiring Lillard against his wishes.

Training camp is barely more than a week away. If Damian Lillard isn't in South Beach come early October, it sure looks like he won't be in Rip City, either.