Although the Miami Heat lost the 2023 NBA Finals, it was a sign that they are not far removed from winning a championship. A big move could be in the works for Pat Riley and company as they look to make another push toward the title. Perhaps a trade for Bradley Beal would appeal to them?

There could be many stars available to trade for this offseason as teams prepare to lock in their cores before a more CBA that is more punitive on big spenders takes place. One such star that the Heat are rumored to be interested in is Beal, according to Shams Charania and Josh Robbins of The Athletic.

The Athletic reports that the Heat “are expected to be prominent suitors for Beal if he reaches the market.” The Washington Wizards have a new front office and have to decide if they want to continue on this current path or take a new one. All signs point to it being the latter, so Beal could very well be on the move to a winning team.

Beal has been linked to teams like the Philadelphia 76ers as the Wizards contemplate a full rebuild. The Heat have a need for scoring and the three-time All-Sta would bring just that. Although he doesn’t have extensive playoff experience, he is not a stranger to the postseason.

A trio of Bradley Beal, Jimmy Butler and Bam Adebayo would be a tough one to slow down. Butler's perimeter shot creation is great and so is that of Beal, who is also a very solid shooter from deep. He has the size to be a decent defender in Erik Spoelstra's system and is a smart passer. So, what would the Heat trade in order to pull off the deal?

Miami could use the contracts of Tyler Herro and Duncan Robinson to match Beal’s contract, which will pay him about $207 million over the next four seasons and $46 million in the 2023-24 campaign. Gauging his trade value is tough because teams are turned off by that massive salary. Perhaps Herro's youth would make him enough of an asset for Washington to consider such a trade. If not, it may be very tough for the Heat to acquire Beal.