NBA league commissioner Adam Silver is a visionary. The recent success of the play-in tournament has him feeling good about the major changes his office has and intends to implement in the coming years. As it turns out, this might just come in the form of a big-money in-season tournament that should pique the interest of players from around the league.

This report comes via Shams Charania of The Athletic:

The details of this revolutionary idea have yet to be revealed, but given how the schedule of the regular season is already rigorous as it is, an in-season tournament right smack in the middle of a campaign probably won't sit well with the teams and players involved. Well, it looks like commissioner Adam Silver had this in mind when they decided to add in a bit of incentive for the potential winners.

The report said that it's $1 million per player. Does this mean that the league is going to be giving out a whopping $15 million for the entire roster of the winners of the in-season tournament? Or will this be like a five- or seven-player type of deal? Either way, that's still a lot of money.

It is clear that Adam Silver is trying to spice things up for the fans. As long as the right players and teams are on board, this should make for quite an exciting addition to the regular season.