It's long been rumored that Deandre Ayton is discontent in a Phoenix Suns uniform, which is what he has worn since he was drafted by the team in 2018. Now, it appears that a change of scenery for Ayton was at least considered by Phoenix during this past summer.

“…The Dallas Mavericks made an underwhelming offer for Ayton over the summer,” according to Gerald Bourguet of GOPHNX.

On a surface level, it's easy to understand why the Mavs might be interested in Deandre Ayton's services. Dallas' defense a season ago was essentially a layup line for opposing offenses, with the team eventually having to resort to what was left of Javale McGee to try to shore up some of the flaws created by Dallas' ultra-malleable perimeter defense, a necessary evil of playing both Luka Doncic and Kyrie Irving together.

While Ayton is not known as an elite rim protector per se, he would clearly have been a step above what Dallas got from McGree and Christian Wood, who signed with the Lakers earlier this offseason.

Ayton meanwhile nearly left Phoenix for the Indiana Pacers last offseason before the Suns ultimately decided to match his offer sheet and keep him with the franchise long-term.

Still, though, despite the acquisition of Kevin Durant, things didn't go according to plan for the Suns in 2022-23, as they were bounced out of the second round by the Denver Nuggets, which might help explain some of Ayton's frustration.

The Suns' season is set to begin on October 24 against the Golden State Warriors.