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RUMOR: Rival teams expecting one trade from Clippers this week


The Los Angeles Clippers have had one of the better off-seasons in the league after acquiring superstars Kawhi Leonard, who recently led the Raptors on a championship run, and Paul George, who was traded by the Thunder on July. Even after these dream summer signings, the Clippers are still reportedly pursuing options to complete their team.

Marc Stein previously reported back on January 23 that the Clippers have been exploring the trade market for “dependable size as well as potential wing depth” in advance of the trade deadline, citing Leonard and George’s ongoing health issues and concern for “their lack of muscle up front compared to the Lakers’ length.” Consequently, potentially available bigs were named, including Andre Drummond, Steven Adams, and even Aron Baynes, although the team was not yet guaranteed to make a deal at the time.

According to Marc Stein, however, rival teams are now said to be anticipating at least one trade by the Clippers, especially with the deadline coming up this week. They are notably looking for a big and a wing, someone that can further aid their quest for the Larry O’Brien trophy.

If the Clippers do grab the title, Leonard will have won a ring in two different teams for the second straight time, and Paul George will finally get to add a championship to his already stellar resume. They currently sit second on the Western Conference, 3.5 games behind their fellow Los Angeles team. As of now, the league is still handling a number of trade talks, and fans are anticipating to see which big names are set to move before the February 6 deadline.