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Video: Gilbert Arenas debates prime Derrick Rose vs. prime Russell Westbrook

NBA, Gilbert Arenas, Derrick Rose, Russell Westbrook

Former NBA star Gilbert Arenas joined Quentin Richardson and Darius Marius for a lengthy Instagram Live session, and they became engaged in a pretty awesome debate about an intriguing question: who’s better, prime Derrick Rose or prime Russell Westbrook?

When presented with the loaded query, Arenas had to take a few seconds to figure out how he would approach the question. This just goes to show how difficult it was for him to give a clear-cut answer on such a difficult NBA comparison.

Here’s the clip of their conversation for your viewing pleasure:

Richardson presented a number of convincing arguments, stating why he would take Rose over Westbrook. However, as Arenas pointed out, Richardson is a Chicago native, making him a bit biased.

As for Arenas, his primary argument revolves around how Rose never really reached his prime due to numerous injuries. That is a valid point, too, and it reverts back to another age-old question that we will never have an answer to: how good could Rose have been if he didn’t sustain all those injuries?

Despite the lengthy discourse, Arenas was never really able to give his answer. The conversation even digressed, as both players got distracted when they talked about the respective careers of Rose and Westbrook.

At the end of the day, there was no clear-cut winner among the two, and understandably so. For us, these are the types of NBA questions we just wouldn’t want to touch with a nine-inch pole.

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