Netflix may be making a huge release change for the upcoming reality game show, Squid Game: The Challenge.

Deadline is reporting that Netflix is considering staggering the releasing of the episodes of the series. This means that unlike most Netflix series, the Squid Game reality show won't be bing-able.

This wouldn't be the first time that Netflix has taken this model with a reality show. Previously, the streamer utilized this release strategy for Too Hot to Handle and The Circle. Another Korean reality show, Physical: 100, released two episodes every Tuesday.

Following a staggered release strategy is a way for streamers to replicate the hype of broadcast TV. After all, shows like Survivor release an episode a week and keep the online chatter going on for months. Streaming series such as Ahsoka and various MCU series typically take a similar model, which keeps them in the pop culture conversation for a while.

In the Squid Game reality show, 456 contestants are competing for a $4.56 million prize. This is the largest sum of prize money in television history. From the looks of the trailer, the show will reenact a lot of the original acclaimed series.

Squid Game was released in 2021. It followed a group of 456 people that are struggling from financial hardship. They risk their lives to play a series of deadly games for a chance to win a huge prize. The series premiered in September 2021 and became a pop culture phenomenon. A second season is forthcoming.

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Squid Game: The Challenge will premiere on November 22 on Netflix.