Netflix and director Adam McKay are getting sued for copyright infringement regarding Don't Look Up.

William Collier is an author who self-published a book called Stanley's Comet, and apparently, it's very similar to the movie Don't Look Up, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Netflix and Adam McKay being sued for Don't Look Up copyright infringement 

Collier is suing Netflix and McKay, stating that it's the same plot as his book. Don't Look Up focuses on a comet that's heading towards Earth. However, the government is skeptical whether it will make an impact. They plan for a nuclear strike, but it doesn't happen due to political reasons. Through all of this, the scientist becomes famous, as people try to speculate whether it's a serious threat or not.

The movie Don't Look Up premiered on Netflix in 2021. It stars Jennifer Lawrence, Leonardo DiCaprio, Cate Blanchett, Meryl Streep, and other major actors.

As for this lawsuit, the author is seeking $5 million.

The complaint, in a nutshell, claims that McKay received a copy of the book via Jimmy Miller, who was McKay's manager. Collier mentions tons of similarities between his novel and the movie.

“The movie, like the novel, makes a strong political critique of the media, the government, and the cultural elite by showcasing their shallowness and reliance on popular opinion polls and social media algorithms,” USC professor of comparative literature David Roman wrote. He's an expert who is attached to the complaint and is helping with the lawsuit. “McKay's film is also full of satire and humor and — like Stanley's Comet — moves toward the abuse. In each case, the irony drives the humor and the social critique and does so in the same style and method.”

It will be interesting to see what happens with Netflix and Adam McKay with this new Don't Look Up lawsuit. Like a comet, it could make a big impact on their finances.