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Andre Iguodala’s perfect explanation why Nets’ James Harden is so happy playing with Kevin Durant

Andre Iguodala, Kevin Durant, James Harden, Nets, Warriors

Andre Iguodala and Kevin Durant would agree: It’s safe to say that James Harden is a happy man now. He basically forced his way out of Houston to join forces with two superstars in the Eastern Conference. The expectations for the Nets are pretty high, to say the least. But so far it looks like Harden has found his footing in a new environment.

The Nets are now 2-0 since acquiring Harden in a blockbuster trade. And his happiness shows out on the floor. Harden has a new sense of life to him as he is now surrounded in a championship culture. Harden’s early success with his new team has raised eyebrows across the NBA from other teams.

Heat forward Andre Iguodala explained the reasoning of Harden’s happiness on the Nets via Twitter.

“You ever played with KD… you gone be smiling like that too. Buddy a god!”, Iguodala explained.

Iguodala understands what it is like to be on the biggest stage alongside Durant. Winning two championships alongside him, Iguodala appreciates the greatness Durant perceived during his brief stint at Golden State. Now Durant is giving the Nets a winning edge.

This is not the first rodeo that Durant and Harden have had in the same uniform. Ages ago, the two were teammates in Oklahoma City. In their three seasons together, the team clinched one NBA Finals appearance, before Harden was traded to Houston. On the court, it shows that although both Durant and Harden have been rivals for so long, it hasn’t taken away their chemistry with one another on the Nets.

The Nets are reasonably being put forth as the favorites to win the Eastern Conference championship this season. The trio of Durant, Harden, and Irving will have to exceed expectations that are now put on them to achieve their goal.