To say the Brooklyn Nets have had a rocky start to the 2022-23 season would be an understatement, and things seemingly reached a new low on Tuesday night when the Nets were throttled by the Sacramento Kings to the tune of a 153-121 loss. And once again, Brooklyn received a relatively listless performance from supposed star Ben Simmons.

Simmons made his long awaited return to the court this season after missing the entire 2021-22 season, and while there was hope he could help the Nets return to the top of the Eastern Conference, Simmons has looked miserable to start the campaign. It has led some within the Nets organization to question Simmons' passion for the game of basketball, which certainly is not a good sign.

“According to multiple sources with direct knowledge of the situation, the frustration surrounding Simmons had been building in recent weeks within the organization. The coaching staff and players have been concerned about his availability and level of play, with some questioning his passion for the game, those sources said. But even when he did play, Simmons’ struggles in his first nine games this season were part of the Nets frustration as well.” – Shams Charania & Sam Amick, The Athletic

This will surely add to what has already been a tumultuous season for the Nets, and it's not a great sign to see Simmons' passion for the game is being questioned by his own teammates. But you can't really blame them, because even fans can see that Simmons doesn't look very interested in winning on a nightly basis.

The Nets have already begun exploring potentially trading Simmons, but it doesn't seem very likely that anyone would trade for him in this current state. It will be interesting to see if Simmons can turn things around, otherwise, an already ugly situation for the Nets will only continue to get worse.