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Nets’ D’Angelo Russell shoots down any link to Suns because of Devin Booker

D'Angelo Russell, Devin Booker

Brooklyn Nets star D’Angelo Russell is set to become a free agent after this season, and although he intends to stay with the franchise he just led to the playoffs, he also understands there’s also a possibility he could end up somewhere else.

One of the teams that could pursue Russell in free agency is the Phoenix Suns. The first time All-Star is good friends with Devin Booker, and there are rumors suggesting they could decide to play together next season.

In an interview with Nets reporter Anthony Puccio, D’Angelo Russell addressed said rumors, saying he’s surprised he’s even linked to the Suns, but added that whether or not he ends up playing there, he and Booker will remain friends:

“I’m linked to them because of him? S— I didn’t know that. That’s my brother right there. So even if there’s no link to it or w/e we’re still going to be best friends… It’s bigger than basketball.”

A backcourt tandem of D’Angelo Russell and Devin Booker would be very interesting, as both players are capable of scoring and passing the ball. Russell would immediately boost the Suns’ chances of winning more games because of how much he has improved over the past couple of years.

However, Russell and Booker have similar playing styles, which means they might struggle at first, especially when they try to determine who would be the focal point of the offense. And they’re not the only ones who would demand the ball, as Deandre Ayton, who will be a sophomore next season, also needs touches in order to be productive.

At this point, D’Angelo Russell staying with the Nets isn’t a sure thing, even if it’s expected. But wherever he ends up, he will just keep playing basketball.