Very few people are aware of the exact state Kyrie Irving currently is in right now amid his exile from the Brooklyn Nets. Apart from an IG Live session a few months ago, Irving hasn't really been very vocal about his situation.

Nets guard DeAndre Bembry' has now provided a quick glimpse at his teammate's current condition given how Kyrie has yet to join the squad this season. According to Bembry, he remains in contact with the embattled Brooklyn guard but at the same time, he's also giving Irving the space he needs:

“At this point, I send certain messages because I know his phone’s getting blown up at this time,”  Bembry said, via Brian Lewis of the New York Post. “So I try to give him his space, because I know he’s just one of those people that needs his space sometimes to collect his thoughts and his energy and stuff. So for the most part, I definitely sent him a couple messages over this time to just check up on him, make sure he’s good.”

Sounds like this is the same approach several members of the Nets have been taking with Kyrie. Brooklyn head coach Steve Nash also made a similar statement a while back but the 47-year-old shot-caller made it clear that they veer away from any basketball-related topics in their conversations.

Bembry then went on to reveal that Kyrie is okay and that it doesn't sound like there's anything to worry about:

“I know he’s good, I know he’ll figure this out and get through it,” Bembry continues. “But for the most part, like I said, I try to give him his space, because I know I know how this could be. I know a lot of his family’s calling him, friends, fans and all type of people; so try to give them a little bit of space with all of this that’s going on.”

It's interesting to note how Bembry said that Irving “will figure this out” and that eventually, he should be able to “get through it.” This seems to imply that Kyrie still hasn't fully processed what he's going through right now and perhaps, that he has yet to fully accept how he's been banished by the team for his refusal to get vaccinated.