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Nets star James Harden gets real on own trade saga amid Ben Simmons fiasco

James Harden Nets Ben Simmons Sixers Rockets trade

Ben Simmons trade talk has dominated the NBA offseason thus far. Nearly a year ago, James Harden found himself in a similar situation before eventually landing with the Brooklyn Nets.

Harden was asked about the Simmons trade buzz, but claimed that it wasn’t as similar as people are suggesting.

Via Brian Lewis of the New York Post:

“I stay out of it. That’s not my situation. Mine was totally different. But hey, I’m here in Brooklyn,” Harden said.

The Nets guard has a point in that there are a number of differences with how each situation has unfolded. Harden never refused to play for the team, suiting up for eight contests before a trade was made.

The status of both players on their respective teams also varied. Harden was in his ninth season with the Rockets and before moving to the Nets midseason. Ben Simmons, meanwhile, has much less franchise cache as his bearded counterpart. While Harden didn’t want to assess another man’s business, he spoke out on how his own experience went.

“It was a little uncomfortable for me just because I don’t like a lot of attention, especially negative or draining energy,” continued the Nets star. “I like to be in a good place. I like to smile and have people around me smiling and good vibes. So it was kind of a little uncomfortable for me. But I had to go through it and on the other side I’m happy to where I am now. Hopefully everybody forgot about it. Hopefully everybody moved on and everybody is great.”

James Harden is in a terrific situation in Brooklyn, one he’s beyond ecstatic to be a part of. Different circumstances or not, that’s the same feeling Ben Simmons is probably chasing as well. We’ll just have to wait and see if Big Ben lands somewhere that makes him just as happy.