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Kevin Durant’s ex-teammate Kendrick Perkins on why he doesn’t belong in Top 10 all-time

Kevin Durant Nets Kendrick Perkins

Kevin Durant is arguably the best player in the world right now. The Brooklyn Nets star is at the height of his powers and has a legitimate claim as the league’s top dog.

But does he belong in the NBA’s top 10 players list of all-time? According to his former teammate turned NBA analyst Kendrick Perkins, the Nets star isn’t there yet. Big Perk said in his appearance on the No Pump Fakes podcast, KD’s decision to join the Golden State Warriors will always be held against him.

Via The Sports Rush:

“No matter what, this is always going to be held against KD,” Perkins said of the Nets star. “It’s fair or not people are always going to talk about him blowing that 3-1 lead to the Golden State Warriors and the year going join them the following year. He chose that but this is always going to be on KD. This is always going to be held against his legacy until he wins another one or do something different.”

Not only does Perkins keep Kevin Durant out of his top 10, but he places him several spots behind it to place him 15th. Perkins also notably places the Nets star behind another former teammate in Kevin Garnett and four spots behind KD’s former ally in Stephen Curry.

Kevin Durant still has plenty of seasons to prove to Perkins and all the rest of his doubters that he is indeed worthy of a top 10 all-time selection—and maybe even higher. Winning a title with the Nets, away from the specter of his Warriors run, would go a long way in helping him achieve that.