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Nets star Kevin Durant goads his haters with subtle Twitter move

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Brooklyn Nets star Kevin Durant couldn’t care less to what his haters say, and he hinted as much with his latest Twitter activity.

Recently, Durant changed his profile photo on Twitter to the “Unpopular Opinion Swords” meme. The meme, which came from the movie “Tangled,” is often used to express unpopular opinions.

Kevin Durant, Nets

Kevin Durant/TW

Now, if this will not provoke his haters to continue coming at him, we don’t know what will.

For what it’s worth, Kevin Durant is known for engaging with his followers on social media–even with trolls who are just trying to hate on him and irk him with their comments and accusations. However, it sure looks like the Nets star is not bothered by it, not even one bit.

In fact, one could say that he welcomes it!

Durant has admitted before that he likes using Twitter to share his thoughts, respond to fans and just generally scrolling for content. With that said, it isn’t really surprising that the Nets leader is not afraid of expressing “unpopular opinions.”

“I like Twitter, the Nets forward said. “I mean… if I see something on there that I want to respond to, I’m just going to do it. It’s not like a predetermined thing. I just kind of see it, scroll on it.

“I like the platform and any chance I get to give somebody a piece of my brain, I want to do it. Especially a former teammate who’s talking sh**, or a fan. Just giving my perspective on how I feel about things because I feel like a lot of players, deep down, they feel how I feel, but I just say it.”

It seems fans will have to get used to seeing more of KD’s hot takes on Twitter.