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Kevin Durant issues brutally honest take on ‘outside noise’ for Nets

Nets, Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving, James Harden

It’s no secret that Brooklyn Nets star Kevin Durant has had his fair share of spats with the media. There have been numerous times when he didn’t appreciate the way he’s being portrayed, especially during his stint with the Golden State Warriors.

But entering his 15th season, Durant appears to be handling things more maturely, as he seeks to lead the Nets to the NBA Finals after falling short last campaign (he can blame his shoe size). With the headlines heavily centering on his teammate Kyrie Irving for his refusal of the COVID-19 vaccine, KD said they must learn to tune out the distractions (via ESPN).

“As far as the outside noise, no disrespect for you guys (in the media), for our families, friends, and even our fans expecting us to do so much—if we don’t live up to those, at the end of the day, it doesn’t matter. But we want to come out and play a great brand of basketball every night and we hold ourselves to that standard. I expect us to come out there with some swagger and some intensity. But outside noise shouldn’t matter much to this group.”

The Nets were riddled by a string of injuries last season, with Durant, Irving, and James Harden only playing together for eight games. But with all of them healthy for the coming season, the Nets are primed for supremacy—and KD is already embracing it.

“I think we all internally put pressure on ourselves because we hold ourselves to a high standard and you want to play well every time you step out there. That is just who we are as competitors.”

Clearly, the Nets will be a problem.