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Nets stars Kevin Durant, James Harden bare emotions on Game 7 loss vs. Bucks

Kevin Durant James Harden Nets

The Brooklyn Nets may have exited the playoffs prematurely, but you can’t possibly fault All-Star Kevin Durant or James Harden for their efforts in Game 7.

Both former MVPs gave everything they had for the Nets as they struggled in the war of attrition through the seven-game series against the Milwaukee Bucks. Both stars spoke out candidly after the contest, summarizing the loss as equal parts frustrating and beautiful.

Kevin Durant on Nets’ loss, via Brian Lewis of the New York Post:

“Yeah, we want to win. We want to win every game we play; we want to win a championship every year, just like every team, so the last game of the season, we lose [it hurts],” said Durant on the Nets’ exit. “But the beauty of our profession is get up and we get up and keep going. Everybody on this team has worked extremely hard. They care about the game. So we get ready for next year.”

James Harden, meanwhile, wore his emotions on his sleeve as he expressed frustration for his injury that hampered his ability to perform alongside his Nets co-star.

“S–t, honestly, so many emotions,” said the Nets guard. “Just me personally, it’s frustrating for myself, just being durable and being myself for the last so many postseasons. Just dealing with this particular hamstring, it’s just frustrating. I’m frustrated. We did everything we could towards the end. Just frustrated.”

While this wasn’t the ending they all had hoped for, the Nets will get a chance to run it all back next season. After feeling the depths of despair in their first run together, betting on them to fall short twice doesn’t seem like a wise decision.