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Kevin Durant made 1 major Kyrie Irving mistake with Nets, per Skip Bayless

Nets, Kevin Durant, Skip Bayless

Amid all the drama surrounding Kevin Durant’s future with the Brooklyn Nets, much of the talk now has been on who’s to blame for causing such mess.

NBA legend Shaquille O’Neal recently pinned the blame on Durant alone, noting that he “put a house together” and should live in it. However, for him, the superstar forward is not even trying to make it work after a weird two years filled with injuries and various off-court issues.

Skip Bayless, however, has a different take and disagreed with Shaq over a few things. For the veteran commentator and broadcaster, KD didn’t built the Nets’ house at all and was simply a follower. And who was he following? Kyrie Irving of course.

“I don’t believe Kevin Durant put this house together at all. He is more of a follower than a leader. He made one huge mistake in his career following the wrong leader in Kyrie,” Bayless said in the latest episode of Undisputed.

For the majority of his career–or perhaps ever since jumping ship to the Golden State Warriors in 2016–Kevin Durant’s leadership has been a major talking point about him. Many critics often emphasize that while he is a great player and a transcendent offensive talent, he lacks the leadership. Being his own man was the reason he also left the Dubs and joined the Nets, and now everyone can see how that has panned out so far.

Given how Durant has feuded with Skip Bayless in recent weeks, he’ll likely respond to the rather savage commentary when he gets the chance.

For now fans will have to wait and see what will happen to Durant and his situation with the Nets. There is a chance he could stay if Brooklyn can’t trade him, but the question is whether he’ll remain as committed to winning with the team as before.