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Kevin Durant tells Stephen A. Smith that his Thunder story is ‘BS’

Kevin Durant, Stephen A. Smith

ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith dropped a bombshell nugget when discussing Kevin Durant’s departure to the Brooklyn Nets, telling a story about what initially happened when Durant left the Oklahoma City Thunder for the Golden State Warriors three years ago — one Durant checked as “BS” to the network personality.

Smith said Durant went to dinner with Russell Westbrook, Nick Collison and (potentially) Royal Ivey the night before flying to The Hamptons and meeting with the Warriors in a recruiting pitch. Durant reportedly told Westbrook he was staying only a day before committing to join the Warriors:

Smith returned to say Durant had told him the story is “BS” and to check his sources. The ESPN mainstay stood by his reporting, though, giving both sides but noting it wasn’t solely said by one person:

“Kevin Durant reached out, he said it’s BS what I’m saying,” said Smith. “I should check my sources instead and that’s all he said. He did not elaborate, but I want to make sure I’m fair because I emphasized I did not speak to him… He said it was BS, it was not true what I’m saying and I’m telling you I’ve been told this by numerous people.

“I will say this: someone is lying on you—I’ll take that back—multiple people are lying on you KD, if that’s BS.”

It’s tough to make out who is telling the truth and who isn’t, but it looks that this is either a conspiracy to paint Durant in the wrong light or a desperate attempt to diffuse the bomb that could explode if this is indeed what happened when he first decided to check out of OKC.