On Friday, ESPN’s NBA guru Adrian Wojnarowski reported that the Brooklyn Nets and the Philadelphia 76ers were NOT having talks about a potential Kyrie Irving-Ben Simmons trade. This was pretty big news considering how both teams have had problems with their respective superstars of late.

One bit that some folks might have missed from Woj’s bombshell was the fact that the Nets are actually already “taking calls” from opposing teams about Irving:

Woj did clarify that the Nets have not been proactive in trying to rid themselves of Irving. However, the fact that they have been taking calls proves that they are indeed open to the possibility of trading him away.

At this point, I’m honestly not entirely sure how Kevin Durant feels about this. You’d think that the Nets superstar would be fuming about the fact that the Nets are even considering trading Irving. They are real-life BFF’s and this is the exact same reason why they joined forces in Brooklyn a couple of years ago.

You also have to consider, however, that this is basketball we’re talking about here. Durant hasn’t exactly been overjoyed with Irving’s behavior of late and he has to have at least some disappointment with Kyrie’s willingness to sit out the season. Will KD end up compartmentalizing his friendship with Irving and his aspirations on the basketball court? We will just have to wait and see.