Last season, Kyrie Irving showed that he was willing to forgo basketball in order to stand up for his beliefs. The Brooklyn Nets star is now back as a full-time player, but it remains to be seen where he will spend the rest of his career.

Irving ended up acquiescing in his anti-vaccine stance by returning when New York City installed an exemption for athletes. He called himself a martyr for having to work through that situation. As his value to NBA teams becomes questionable, Irving hinted at what awaits him after his NBA playing days are done. He said that he plans to play basketball overseas and share the wisdom he has with the children around the world.

Irving said in a previous tweet that he will look back on his NBA career when he is older and specified that he won't be done playing basketball in his late 30s. The Nets star's stance suggests that he still has a profound love for the game even after being a part-time player for a big chunk of last season. Watching him play overseas at an old age would be fascinating.

For at least the 2022-23 season, Irving will be in the NBA. He will most likely be on the Nets with Kevin Durant, as the two stars are likely to stay put for at least one more season. There was a lot of buzz surrounding a potential Irving trade to the Los Angeles Lakers. Such a deal has yet to come to fruition and is now unlikely.