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Watch this new Stray trailer from the Annapurna Interactive Showcase

Stray in Annapurna Interactive Showcase

Stray, an action-adventure game where you play as a cat in a Cyberpunk world overtaken by sentient robots. The cutesy game is one of the most intriguing games shown off during Sony’s Future of Gaming event last year. Today, during Annapurna Interactive’s Showcase, we were able to learn more about this strange but homely game.

The gameplay trailer opens up with a scene on a dark alleyway, with a black cat limping across it. You play as a Stray cat who has fallen off a building and separated from her family. Thus, it’s up to you to help the limping, injured cat to survive this unfriendly and unfamiliar place. Along the way, you will solve puzzles and navigate through the open-world city. You will also get to uncover mysteries in the city, learning more about its history and what happened there.

The city in Stray no longer has any humans. Instead, it’s inhabited by sentient robots. Thankfully, there are friendly robots, such as the drone B-12, who the cat befriends. B-12 serves as the cat’s guide in her journey, allowing her to communicate with the robots they meet in her journey. As a cat, you can also scratch on sofas, and be petted by friendly robots.

But not all inhabitants of the city are friendly. There are small, mite-like beings that we see in the trailer. They chase the cat and try to slow it down by overwhelming it with their weight. Thankfully, you can earn gadgets in Stray that can help you beat these mite-like beings, whatever they are.

Stray will be coming to PS4, PS5, and PC on an unspecified date next year, in 2022. The game looks really good so far, with very beautiful graphics. We can’t wait for it to be released.