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New study concludes: xQc swears too much on his live streams

xQc swears too much

It’s official: xQc swears too much, according to a new study on profanity in gaming.

Buzz Bingo released a study into the speech habits of Youtube and Twitch video game streamers, specifically looking out for expletives.

“If you’ve ever played a multiplayer game on PC, Xbox Live or PSN, you’ll be acutely aware that verbal exchanges are often far from civil,” says the study. “From trash talking opponents to venting frustration, swearing is commonplace within the gaming community. But how common exactly? To find out, the team at Buzz Bingo sat through more than 25 hours of Twitch streams and YouTube Gaming broadcasts to discover the most foul-mouthed player bases and the popular streamers that swear the most.”

According to their research, Rainbow Six Siege players are the most foul-mouthed with 146 expletives per 15 minutes on average, and a run rate of 584 expletives an hour. It also showed that PC gamers have the hottest heads, throwing out expletives slightly more than their console counterparts.

However, among all gamers, Grand Theft Auto roleplayer xQc turns out to be the most foul-mouthed. xQc swears too much, the study finds, as he blurts out a whopping 77 expletives per minute and a run rate of 308 expletives per hour. He’s followed by Castro_1021 at 61/243, and Shroud at 59/237. Surprisingly, NickMercs only ranks 5th with 49/196, and Dr Disrespect only does 39/156.

Somehow, we’re not really surprised with the results. But putting an actual number over their behavior puts things into perspective. Whether or not their use of expletives play into their popularity is a wholly different matter.