There are five new projects to enjoy on Netflix this weekend.

There's gangsters, a female commando, a forensic detective, a nostalgic father-and-daughter moment and golf anime.

What's New to Netflix this Weekend (June 21-23, 2024)

June 21

Gangs of Galicia – The seven-episode Spanish series follows the story of a lawyer Ana (Clara Lago) who arrives in the small town of Cambados finds out that her murdered father led a double life. She tries to seek revenge by infiltrating a Galician drug cartel and tries to get close to its leader through his son Daniel (Tamar Novas).

Trigger Warning – A Special Forces commando (Jessica Alba) returns to her hometown to look for answers regarding her father's death. She ends up taking ownership of his bar and finds her self in the crosshairs of the violent gang in town. The movie is described as female-led cross between First Blood and John Wick.

The Victims' Game, Season 2 – The Taiwanese series returns after four years, the first Chinese-language series renewed by Netflix. Season two follows murder cases linked to an incident from 15 years ago. Chang Hsia-chuan is reprising his role as forensic detective Fang Yi-jen who becomes a prime suspect.

Hsu Wei-ning also returns, this time around as a public relations representative for a children's foundation, a departure from her previous job as a reporter. Moon Lee reprises her role as Yi-jen's daughter., which won her the Best Promising Newcomer in Drama at the 55th Golden Bell Awards.

Aftersun – Sophie (young Sophie played by Frankie Corio, the elder by Celia Rowlson-Hall) reminisces about her efforts to bond with her seemingly unknowable father Calum (Paul Mescal) during their father-daughter trip two decades ago.

Mescal will soon be gracing the big screen in Gladiator 2 and maybe even as a Beatle.

The 2022 film premiered at the Cannes Film Festival, with director Charlotte Wells earning a Caméra d'Or nomination. It was released in theaters in the US in October 2022 and the following month in the UK. The film was nominated for four trophies at the 76th BAFTA Awards. Wells won Outstanding Debut by a British Writer, Director or Producer. Mescal earned an Oscar nomination for Best Actor at the 95th Academy Awards. The National Board of Review chose Aftersun as one of the best films of 2022 and topped the Sight and Sound poll.

June 22

Rising Impact – Rising Impact was originally a manga series written and illustrated by Nakaba Suzuki serialized in Weekly Shōnen Jump from 1998 to 2002. It currently has 17 volumes. This Lay-duce produced original net animation (ONA) adaptation has two seasons, with the second premiering on Aug. 6.

The story follows third-grader Gawain Nanaumi as he discovers his natural gift for golf. He ends up being discovered by a pro golfer and stars his journey on becoming the world's best.

June 23 – Unfortunately, no new shows are coming out this Sunday.

What's Coming this Week? (June 24-27, 2024)

June 24

Kaulitz & Kaulitz – This documentary follows Tokio Hotel's twin brothers Tom and Bill Kaulitz as they showcase their private lives both in Los Angeles and Germany. They try to answer the questions: Were Bill and Tom switched at birth? Who is their mother Charlotte's favorite son? What gems from the early days of Tokio Hotel will the big warehouse clear-out bring to light? And what does Bill use his secret credit card for?

June 26

Worst Roommate Ever, Season 2 – The second season will feature four stories about violent con artists and stone-cold killers… who happen to be someone's roommates. The turn the life of their unsuspecting victims into nightmares.