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The NFC East is not as bad as people think it is

The worst division in the National Football League is trending up as the two teams that are favored to win the NFC East have made impressive strides over the last month. The Washington Football Team and the New York Giants are playing good football.

On Peacock and Williamson, the daily NFL podcast on the Locked On Podcast Network, hosts Brian Peacock and Matt Williamson discussed the upward trend of the NFC East.

Peacock: It was the Washington Football Team actually that’s a little bit resurgent. There are a couple of NFC East teams that are trying to make a push toward respectability here at the top of that division. There was Washington 23 to Pittsburgh 17.

Williamson: I think we need to give Washington and the Giants from the NFC East as you mentioned credit that their season is much better. They are playing at a much higher level than the first month of the year. You know, Washington had a dramatic quarterback switch and the new coach. The Giants, we talked about yesterday, taking on the persona of their coach, a first-time head coach that did not have time to have a preseason or, you know, normal prep time to get his team ready. And the guys are getting better. Washington played quite well. The defensive line as you would imagine caused quite a few problems at the line of scrimmage. This to me, and again I have not, yes, I am looking at this through black and gold-colored glasses, I am not going to hide that one bit. But I am not going to disparage one bit of what this Washington team from the NFC East did at all. Man, this was a tale of two halves and the Steelers really look like a beat-up weary team to me right now.