NFL news: Roger Goodell expects Kareem Hunt investigation to end soon
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NFL commissioner Roger Goodell expects Kareem Hunt investigation to end soon

Roger Goodell

During the tail end of Wednesday’s NFL press conference with commissioner Roger Goodell, the elephant in the room finally came to light.

Goodell was asked what the league’s plan would be with former Kansas City Chiefs running back Kareem Hunt and the Washington Redskins Reuben Foster.

Goodell was asked about Foster’s case and how it would be handled.

Goodell told the Washington Post:

“We continue our investigation into that. Whether charges are dropped doesn’t necessarily mean there isn’t a violation of our personal conduct policy. Reuben and I have met before. We will talk again. But we’ll conclude that investigation and make a determination, and we’ll go from there.”

Foster and Hunt will remain on the commissioner’s exempt list. This allows the players to be paid on administrative leave. Until the league makes a decision about a potential suspension, they are stuck in limbo. As soon as they might be suspended, they would be left without pay.

When Goodell was asked about the probe of Hunt’s case, he had some optimism that it would end soon.

Goodell told the Washington Post:

“That hopefully will happen soon. But we haven’t completed the investigation. We’re working to do that. There has been a tremendous amount of progress, though, in that investigation over the last, I’d say, 30 to 60 days.”

The NFL as a whole is starting to take domestic violence more seriously than they have in the past.

Hunt and Foster’s case should be handled in the upcoming offseason and it remains to be seen how they are punished.