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Antonio Brown doesn’t believe he’s ‘done anything that bad’

Antonio Brown, Patriots

Antonio Brown has had one of the wildest last 12 months you will ever see. He got his wish when the Pittsburgh Steelers traded him to the Buffalo Bills. Then that didn’t go through.

Soon he was traded to the Oakland Raiders. Brown never even got to the regular season with the Raiders before they released him, though.

Finally, Brown went to the New England Patriots. There he played one game before getting released by them too. That was the last team he would play for in 2019. There were crazy rumors, Brown acting a little crazy, Brown rapping and talking a ton of trash.

The wide receiver claimed he would never play for the NFL again. He called out former teammates and coaches as well.

He even got a workout with the New Orleans Saints. The Saints asked him not to bring an entourage; he did anyways. When New Orleans didn’t sign him, he claimed they did it for publicity.

Now, Brown has been going on an apology tour. He’s talked about his mistakes and apologized to former teammates, like Ben Roethlisberger.

According to Michael David Smith of ProFootballTalk.com, Brown doesn’t think he’s actually done anything wrong, though.

Brown appeared on the radio show The Breakfast Club. While on the show, Brown said he got a bad rap. The wide receiver feels like he was just doing what was best for him, and that’s led to a lot of people not liking him.

In reality, Brown could have been doing everything that he felt was best for him. However, to the public, he was doing a lot of self-destructive things and things that many did not agree with.

It looks like Brown has apologized for quite a bit, but still feels he was in the right. So we’ll probably still be getting quite a few headlines from the wide receiver, as you have to wonder when/if he’ll be back in the NFL.