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NFL’s CBA proposal would eliminate suspensions for positive substance abuse tests

DeMaurice Smith, NFLPA

The NFL has served plenty of suspensions to players that have tested positive for substances in recent years. However, the new Collective Bargaining Agreement would eliminate suspensions that stemmed from positive substance-abuse tests.

With the new CBA being voted on, the NFLPA sent a link to all players to show what the new substance-abuse policy looks like. Of course, that could persuade some players to vote in favor of the proposed CBA that the NFL created.

The current CBA states that multiple run-ins with the substance-abuse policy can result in banishment from the league. However, there are no longer any suspensions that can from substance abuse, unless the player refuses to comply.

If the new CBA is finalized, players would receive fines instead of being suspended for violating the substance-abuse policy. In a player’s first violation, the NFL would fine them half of a game check.

Then, if the player violated the policy a second time, they would be subject to losing a week’s pay. Of course, the fines would continue to increase each time they violated the substance-abuse policy.

Just about a week ago, the NFLPA player representatives conducted a vote for the new CBA. After counting the votes, the player representatives voted 17-14 in a narrow favor of moving the final vote to the rest of the players.

On Thursday morning, players in the NFL were given the ballots to vote for the proposed CBA. For the new CBA to go into effect, at least more than half the league has to be in favor of it. With the substance-abuse policy being revealed, it could be enough for the NFL to get the new CBA completed.