NFL news: Full-time female coach explains how diverse coaching staffs improve team chemistry, morale
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Full-time female NFL coach explains how diverse coaching staffs improve team chemistry, morale


Finally, more and more NFL teams are hiring female coaches to full-time positions. Recently, Katie Sowers, an offensive assistant for the San Francisco 49ers, spoke about a few various topics.

Sowers talked about these topics on “The Football Girl Podcast” that is hosted by Melissa Jacobs. The full-time assistant spoke about how diversity in a coaching staff can be beneficial for a team.

Sowers explained how some of the players on the roster come to her about personal problems, similar to a mom figure. Here’s the full quote from the podcast, where she speaks about how diversity on the coaching staff can be helpful.

“I think everybody brings their own personality to a team. I think with some players, if you ask a lot of them who their hero is, who they look up to, it’s often their mom. A lot of these guys can very quickly build a connection with you (as a woman). Sometimes we relate differently to people. Players have opened up to me on the hardships they’re going through in their personal life… Just having a diverse coaching staff gives these players options in terms of who they can go to, who they can talk to, when they need it.”

It’s interesting to see the different dynamics within a franchise that has a female on the coaching staff. As Sowers said, most players see their mom as their role model, which may cause them to see Sowers as someone they can trust.

Sometimes it can be hard for people, especially professional athletes, to open up about their personal problems. Thus, having anyone, maybe a female, that can be someone who is trusted can be very valuable to an organization.

Also, Sowers does more than just being a supportive person for the players. She is an offensive assistant for a Kyle Shanahan-led team.

Nonetheless, the everyday life of an NFL coach is exhausting and fruitful at the same time. Sowers can attest to that and you can listen to the podcast to see what she has to say.