Richard Sherman, Michael Irvin and Keyshawn Johnson have taken over the space once occupied by Shannon Sharpe on the popular Skip Bayless debate show ‘Undisputed.’ Thus far, fireworks have resulted.

The longtime host Bayless had a fiery take on the new panelists’ first day with the show. Key information was revealed about Irvin’s updated status with the NFL Network after his debut on the TV show.

On day two of the show’s new arrangement, sparks flew yet again.

The Fox Sports One trio found themselves on locked in a debate about the most difficult position to play in football, with Sherman choosing his position of cornerback and Irvin and Johnson vehemently disagreeing with him.

Irvin and Keyshawn Johnson, both receivers during their playing days, threatened to stage a walk-off from the show’s set before returning to their chairs. Johnson let loose on Sherman with his thoughts on the debate, exclaiming “Stop it Richard!” to the dismay of the former Stanford and Seattle Seahawks superstar.

Fans had a long list of unique responses after watching the former NFL stars go at it on camera.

“I think Sherm is right though. Especially in the modern game. It’s a passing league. More so than when Shannon and Keyshawn played. And that physical style of coverage and strong tackling gets you penalties,” one fan said.

“Hardest positions in order, top 2, QB, then corner. And I’m a D-lineman saying this,” another fan and football player said. “Being put on an island with arguably the best athlete on every team and having to mirror them running backwards. Yes I’d say that’s very hard to do.”

Johnson had over 10,000 yards receiving over the course of his career while Irvin had nearly 12,000. Sherman is a five-time Pro Bowler who last played in 2021.