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More details in NFL CBA proposal on playoffs, international games, IR rules, player discipline


The owners in the NFL have already voted in favor of the new proposed Collective Bargaining Agreement. According to NFL Network’s Mike Garafolo, more details in the CBA proposal have surfaced, including a new playoff format and international games.

The playoff expansion mentioned involves increasing the number of playoff teams in each conference from six to seven. Pending the vote from the NFLPA, the NFL would like to enforce the new playoff format in 2020.

However, if the NFLPA votes against the new CBA, it’s unlikely the new NFL playoff format goes into effect. In addition, the new CBA has the intention of expanding the regular season to 17 games.

In light of a 17-game NFL season, everyone has wondered whether a team would receive an extra home game or if it would be an international game. After seeing some of the details, not every team is going to have an international contest as their extra game.

Up to this point, the idea of an extended regular season hasn’t been received well by the players in the NFL. Also, there are a couple of other details that Garofolo highlighted on Friday. Among them, injured reserve rules and player discipline would be a bit different.

Back in 2017, the NFL changed the injured reserve rule to allow teams to activate two players from IR in a single season. On the other hand, the new CBA would allow teams to activate three players from IR.

Last but not least, appeals for fines or suspensions would go to NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell. Even though some of the added details benefit the players, some of these new details are going to deter the NFLPA from voting in favor of the new CBA.