NFL news: Nick, Joey Bosa break record for most sacks by brothers in a day
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Nick, Joey Bosa break record for most sacks by brothers in a day

Nick, Joey Bosa

Nick and Joey Bosa set the NFL record for most sacks in a day by a pair of brothers. Joey Bosa racked up two sacks and seven tackles in the Los Angeles Chargers win over the Chicago Bears at Soldier Field.

Rookie Nick Bosa was a force to be reckoned with for the San Francisco 49ers against the Carolina Panthers putting up three tackles and four interceptions. He also had an interception and was a big reason the 49ers came out ahead 51-13.

Five sacks combined were enough to break the record that was previously held by T.J. and J.J. Watt (Week 5, 2018) and Jimmy and Toby Williams (Week 2, 1985).

Nica Bosa looks like he is on his way to winning NFL rookie of the year, and also be in consideration for defensive player of the year.

After Sunday’s victory, he said he was blessed to come into a good situation with the 49ers.

“I came into a really good situation with the D-line we have,” Bosa said via “I was a little starstruck when I first came in here; I’ve got a bunch of first-round picks I get to roll with, and you saw what we can do today when we get a lead and they’ve got to throw.”

Richard Sherman also called him one of the best draft picks by any team in the last ten years.

“He’s got to be one of the best picks in the last 10 years,” said Sherman. “He plays like a 10-year vet, with such savviness and poise.”

The 49ers are currently undefeated and look like true Super Bowl contenders.