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NFL has no plan to push back franchise tag date amid players voting on CBA


The NFL already extended the start date for teams to use franchise tags by two days in response to the ongoing talks pertaining to the Collective Bargaining Agreement. But with the players preparing to vote on the new CBA, the NFL has no plans to push back the franchise tag deadline.

All 32 teams were given the opportunity to begin utilizing their franchise tags on Feb. 27 instead of the original date of Feb. 25. As a result, teams were given an extra two days to decide on their options with the franchise tag.

Also, the original date that was listed as the final day for teams to use their franchise tag was Mar. 12. However, that date seems to be remaining intact despite the league awaiting the votes from the players on the new CBA.

On Thursday morning, players in the NFL were given the ballots to vote on the proposed CBA. After giving the players the ballots to vote, the players will have until next Thursday to submit their votes. Of course, the date for next Thursday is Mar. 12—the final day for teams to use their franchise tag.

Provided that, teams would ideally like to get the final tally of the votes before next Thursday. On the other hand, the players continue to show differing opinions on the new CBA plan.

Above all, the current CBA allows for teams to use two tags —the franchise and transition tag. But if the new CBA has a majority of players in favor of it, it would reduce it to just one tag. All that being said, the NFL doesn’t believe it is necessary to alter the deadline for the franchise tag.