The NFL season is here, and the Arizona Cardinals hope to make some exciting plays during the upcoming season. We are here to share our NFL odds series and make some Arizona Cardinals betting specials, while showcasing which we believe will hit.

The Cardinals are going through a potential rebuilding phase as they head into the 2023 season. Additionally, they will be without Kyler Murray for at least six games. There will be some growing pains, and they potentially will struggle to do much of anything. Yet, even bad teams can achieve sometimes. Individual players can do well in spite of their teams. Therefore, we will look at the betting specials available and make a prediction.

Here are the Cardinals Betting Specials NFL odds, courtesy of FanDuel. 

NFL Odds: Cardinals Betting Specials Odds

James Conner To Score 10+ Rushing Touchdowns in the Regular Season: +360

Arizona Cardinals to beat Los Angeles Rams On the Road and at Home in the Regular Season: +360

Arizona Cardinals  to score +1 Touchdown in every Regular Season Game: +650

Marquise Brown To Score 10+ Receiving Touchdowns in the Regular Season: +900

Arizona Cardinals To Reach NFC Championship Game: +8000

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Can Conner Get 10 Touchdowns?

James Conner feels like he has been in the NFL for a long time. However, he only arrived in the league in 2017 when the Pittsburgh Steelers drafted him in the third round with the 105 overall pick. Conner has managed to have a decent career. Moreover, it has been up and down.

Things started slowly for him in 2017 when he rushed 37 times for 144 yards in his rookie season. Then, he rushed 215 times for 973 yards for 12 touchdowns in his second season. Conner rushed 116 times for 464 yards and four scores in 2019. Next, he ran 169 times for 721 yards and six touchdowns. But the Steelers chose not to extend Conner. Instead, he signed with the Cardinals.

Conner had an amazing 2021 season when he rushed 202 times for 752 yards and  15 touchdowns. Next, he rushed 183 times for 782 yards and seven touchdowns. He fell short of 10-touchdown mark last season. Yet, he has the potential to get back on track. Keep in mind that the Cardinals will not have Murray for a while. Therefore, it might open up some opportunities for Conner to score more. Clayton Tune and Joshua Dobbs are still battling for the top spot. Ultimately, one of them must emerge as a credible quarterback for Conner to have a chance to succeed. It can do wonders for Conner. Otherwise, defenses will stack the box.

Will the Cardinals Sweep the Rams?

The Cardinals split the series with the Rams the last two seasons. Conversely, the Rams split the Cardinals from 2017-2020. They also split in 2015 and 2016. Somehow, the Cardinals have not swept the Rams since 2014. The Rams have dominated this series for the last 13 years and match up well with the Rams regardless of who is at quarterback. Therefore, the Cards must find a way to beat their divisional rivals.

Can the Cardinals Score a Touchdown in Every Game?

The Cardinals failed to score a touchdown on three separate occasions last season. Now, they hope to avoid that fate this season. The Cards will have some tough competition this season. First, the Cards must face the 49ers as they do every year. The Cardinals will also face the Steelers, Baltimore Ravens, and Cincinnati Bengals. Likewise, they will also face the NFC East division. It will be tough to score against any of those defenses.

Will Brown Hit 10 Touchdowns?

Brown might be regretting his decision to sign with the Cardinals now. Ultimately, he still caught 67 passes for 709 yards. But he only had three touchdowns. Sadly, it was a drop from the previous season when he caught 91 passes for 1,008 yards and six touchdowns. Brown also had 58 catches for 769 yards and eight touchdowns in 2020. Also, he had 46 catches for 584 yards and no scores.

Brown will have to develop chemistry with whoever is at quarterback. Additionally, he must find ways to beat tough defenses. Brown will face the Ravens, Bengals, Steelers, as well as the entire NFC East.

Do The Cardinals Have Any Chance of Making It to the NFC Title Game?

The Cardinals are in rebuilding mode. Therefore, they have almost no shot of making it to the NFC Title Game unless one of their quarterbacks has a sensational season.

Final Cardinals Betting Specials

Conner is the only one that has any real chance of hitting his betting special. Possibly, the Cards score a touchdown in every game. But Conner will have plenty of chances to score. Therefore, it is a solid bet.

Final Cardinals Betting Specials: James Conner To Score 10+ Rushing Touchdowns in the Regular Season: +360