The Chicago Bears have an interesting conundrum on their hands. Last season saw Justin Fields break out as an excellent running QB. Fields also flashed some of the arm talent that tantalized many draft experts. In any other year, this would mean that Fields' job security would be intact. However, this also happens to be a year where the Bears have the first overall pick in a draft with two top prospects at QB.

The question, now, for Chicago is this: do they stick with Justin Fields, or do they pounce on the opportunity and nab Bryce Young in the draft. Well, that answer for now seems to lean towards the former, per Jeremy Fowler's sources.

“Fowler said the teams he spoke with about Justin Fields say the #Bears will probably keep him. It could depend on whether Chicago has a high grade on Alabama QB Bryce Young.”

After a supremely disappointing rookie year, Fields emerged as a talented quarterback last season. The Bears QB brought some much-needed life to the offense with his dynamic runs. There were also signs that Fields was improving as a passer, throwing some really pretty balls to his receivers. Still, there's still quite a lot of things that Fields needs to work on to be an elite QB.

The argument for the Bears to take Bryce Young is the Alabama QB's track record in college. The Crimson Tide star has a lot of hype surrounding him, and for good reason. Still, the Bears might prefer Fields (a mostly-known commodity now) over someone like Young, who is yet to play a single down. The Bears could also just trade the 1st pick of the NFL Draft.