Since Jim Irsay became the Indianapolis Colts' owner in 1997, the Colts have only finished with a record below .500 seven times and missing the postseason 10 times. It's not quite the New England Patriots or San Antonio Spurs' track record, but that's not too shabby. Thus, after a putrid 4-12-1 2022-23 season, it's no surprise that Irsay is looking to acquire a game-changing talent that could carry the Colts back to its historic winning ways.

In particular, Irsay couldn't help but declare his love for arguably the best quarterback in the 2023 NFL Draft class in Alabama's Bryce Young. With the Colts having a gaping hole in their quarterback situation, Young would be a terrific fit for the Colts. However, with the Colts drafting at number four, there are no guarantees that the 21-year old QB would be available for selection at that point.

Not to worry, however, because Jim Irsay appears hell-bent on acquiring his target. Posting on his official Twitter account, Irsay tweeted out an image of him alluding to his strong relationship with the Chicago Bears. This appears to be a hint towards the Colts' plans to trade for the number one pick which the Bears own.

This is yet another piece of evidence that could serve to tip the Colts' hands come the NFL Draft. Jim Irsay earlier said that he hired Philadelphia Eagles offensive coordinator Shane Steichen as his team's newest head coach so he could develop a young quarterback.

In addition, the Bears already appear to have their quarterback of the future in Justin Fields, the number one selection of the 2022 NFL Draft. Thus, it might make the most sense for the Bears to trade down, especially if the Colts are truly gung-ho over Bryce Young as their quarterback of the future.