Problems continue to arise for the Pittsburgh Steelers despite the fact the team is in the thick of the playoff race. Thursday night's game against the New England Patriots was an abysmal mess and the “fire Mike Tomlin” crowd was loud throughout the game.

It's been a couple of seasons in a row now where some Steelers fans feel it's time for Pittsburgh to move on from Tomlin. Many fear he's lost the locker room as time and time again players are seen not giving it their all on the field.

So, what are the chances the franchise actually fires Tomlin? Well, rumors suggest the Steelers won't do it at all, according to Tom Pelissero of NFL Network. While appearing on The Rich Eisen Show, Pelissero claimed he'd be surprised if Tomlin was let go.

“Put it this way, Rich, I would be shocked if the Steelers fired Mike Tomlin. I would certainly be surprised if they would even consider a trade of Mike Tomlin,” Pelissero explained.

Considering Tomlin has never had a losing record in a single throughout his career is enough to keep him around. Additionally, it would be insane to see Mike Tomlin fired from the Steelers. If that happened, he would more than likely become the most sought-after head coaching candidate available.

Regardless, Steelers-focused talking heads are fed up with the direction the team is going. Many local radio personalities have been calling for Tomlin's job. Especially after Thursday night's loss to the Patriots, per Michael Blinn of the New York Post.

“‘Worst 2 game stretch of the Mike Tomlin era. Team gagged away a playoff spot,' Andrew Fillipponi, co-host of The PM Show wrote on X. “Just out of curiosity, how does a pro-(Mike) Tomlin Steelers fan defend him right now?”

Maybe the Steelers can turn it around if Kenny Pickett returns. But the future outlook of this team doesn't look great for the remainder of the season. We'll see how it plays out, but these Mike Tomlin Rumors will likely continue until the team starts winning, or Pittsburgh pulls the plug.